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What Is the Difference Between a Private and Personal Chef?


As a chef, I've seen a lot of people confusing private chefs as personal chefs. There's a significant difference between the two. When you hire a private chef, you are hiring someone for you and you alone. The private chef will cook and prepare meals for your functions and events as requested.

You can also hire us as your private chef for yacht charters or in-flight meals in advance notice. You can also hire a chef at home for meal preparations, weekly assignments, and international bookings.

Meanwhile, personal chefs offer their service on a one-time basis, often juggling multiple clients at a time. Like private chefs, they can also prepare meals, menus, and special diet meals for guests. The difference is that private chefs like us offer exclusive service upon booking.

How does having a private chef work?


With a private chef like Chef Markus Ford, you can get delicious, healthy and filling food for all your events. Unlike in-house chefs, private chefs work independently on an on-call basis. A private chef will cook your preferred menu, cater to your meal requests, and ensure that your menu meets the dietary restrictions of guests.

As private chefs, we offer versatility to our clients. We can cook for an intimate dinner for two or a large banquet. Since preparing meals for functions can be demanding, event organizers often enlist the help of private chefs to a reliable kitchen force.

Private chefs offer culinary mastery that amateur cooks can’t provide. We do all the planning, shopping, preparing, and cooking to ensure that every table will be served with a hearty meal.