Why Hire a Private Chef for Your Next Event?

When you hire a private chef for your event, you can guarantee the quality and taste of the food. With Chef Markus Ford as your private chef, you'll be served amazing dishes with flavors your guests will love. My team and I can also tailor dishes depending on the special diets of your guests, as well as the menu of your choice.

Whether it's an intimate gathering or elegant luncheons, we will transform your preferred menu into a gastronomic adventure. We're not satisfied that your guests are filled; we aim for a palatable experience.  

From dinner for two or a party of 500, our kitchen experts will serve culinary goodness on every plate. We will make your event remarkable with a burst of flavors your guests will crave for.

Is a private chef worth it?

Are you worried about the food for your event? A private chef for events like Chef Markus Ford will solve the problem. Although our services come at a price, we guarantee a gastronomic feast on your event. We equate every dollar with sensational flavors and cuisines that you will be proud to serve.

We give the best value for your money: we perform the meal planning, shopping, cooking, presentation, storage, and cleaning. All you have to do is to relax and enjoy every bite. With Chef Markus Ford, event dining has never been this good.

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Here’s what you should know before hiring a private chef:

When hiring a private chef for an event, you need to know the kind of experience the chef will deliver. Chef Markus Ford will always deliver a gastronomical experience. His years of culinary experience allows him to tickle the taste buds of even the pickiest and most hard-to-please diners.

The private chef should also match your needs. You can use Chef Markus' services for almost any event.

You should also make sure that they can meet any dietary requirements you have. When you hire a private chef like Chef Markus Ford, you will have peace of mind that your guests' dietary needs are kept in mind. From vegetarian to vegan to gluten-free, Chef Markus will be the master of your kitchen.

What does a private chef do?

A private chef like Markus Ford will create a special menu tailored to your event. Whether it's a private dinner, a small gathering, or a party, he can come up with a bespoke menu that you won't be able to taste anywhere else.

Once the menu is settled, Chef Markus will handle the grocery shopping, preparation, and cooking. This will let you focus on other preparations needed for your private event.

Each plate will be served in style, ensuring that your guests will be in awe, both in terms of taste and aesthetic. With Chef Markus, every event deserves the best meals, no matter how big or small. He will surprise you with mouth-watering flavors and a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. 

Call today to hire private Chef Markus Ford for your next event!

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