Private Jet Catering

The majority of customer requests on jets are simple and often the kind of meals you will see at the cookout or local restaurant. This trend does not mean there are occasional offers for a unique platter. Private jet fliers will likely like a fine dining establishment when traveling a longer distance. They may water down their requests because they understand the limitations of inflight cooking.

Every detail of the jet charter and hire with chef ensures the experience is smooth in all areas, including the food. We arrange the food to match your desires so you can have a meal that fits your usual fine dining.

What you need to know about our private jet catering

What is on the menu?

The best part about hiring Chef Markus Ford is you can have any private jet meals you want. We are aware that most people do not think about their meal preferences ahead of time; hence we have fantastic recommendations. The most common private jet menu includes the following food selections:

  • Seafood

  • Steak

  • Grilled chicken

  • Sandwich

  • Pastry

  • Champagne

  • Fruits

You can get us to arrange your five-star experience when you book us before the flight date. There is no limit to what we will bring on board to make your flight as luxurious as possible.

Availability if special meals

Can you get gluten-free meals onboard? Private jet catering requires that you include any dietary limits and allergies in your booking ahead of time. We will inform the crew to ensure we are in perfect alignment in offering the ideal dishes.

A particular jet serving could be necessary due to a special event such as a birthday or engagement. We tailor the dishes to match the event, so you do not have to eat sandwiches on a flight with a special occasion or to a particular date. You can get decorated cakes, champagne, high-end meals as well as the extra unique décor of flowers and other meals.

A unique setup for the private jet catering for your jet could be because the traveler wants to match the destination's dishes. We can twist the recipe so that your trip to Mexico will have the right variety of Margaritas and native Mexican beers. A family trip to Disney World will have Disney themes, foods, and beverages as promised.

It would help if you made special drinks orders because most catering demands do not include the client’s favorite drink. We have a detailed drink profile and will ensure you have the exact provision of choice.

Does private jet dining depend on the private jet?

The meal options change depending on the size of the kitchen and the private jet. Despite this, we do not compromise on the quality of the food. Short flights may have smaller meals and snacks like sandwiches, while longer ones will benefit from home-style preparations with the available equipment.

Traveling takes a toll on you even if you fly on a private jet. Allow our private chef for private jets to soothe the experience by serving you with the foods and drinks that help your body and mind. We are reachable on 708 421 6062 for elite chef services.