Yacht Catering

Many restaurant chefs unsuccessfully try to try their hand at yacht catering. The field has unique challenges because there is a unique craft to make a worthwhile yacht catering service. One needs a careful selection of ingredients and planning. Finally, yacht catering needs spectacular cleaning after every cooking and serving. You need a substitute if the itinerary changes route at the last minute, without requiring additional ingredients.

The yacht catering experience needs one to have stellar detective skills and ingenious ways of putting together foods that do not worsen seasickness. The rewards of hiring Chef Markus are obvious and spectacular because we have the standards for excellent cuisines.

What will you get from our yacht catering experience?


The first qualification for the chef is mental aptitude. We can commit to long hours and work close to all other staff on the ship. The yacht chef spends a scrupulous amount of time with the crew to create a successful dining experience. You can expect our team to accompany the smallest yacht to a day’s expedition or make plans that will last longer on the larger vessels.


Chef Markus has advanced skills for all kinds of sea cuisines. We are keen on preparing special diets and desserts and have the talent to diversify the most basic recipe with limited supplies. Our yacht catering team's adaptive skills also allow us to restock at different stops with entirely different cultural cuisines. We offer guests the option to enjoy different meals to merge their travel expedition and destination.


There are several services due to the yacht catering experience. We are ready for different requests and have the skills to demonstrate effortless use. The yacht dining service can be intimate for a private boat or merry for the party. The joy of hiring a yacht chef is that you will get both the best food and experience. Here is why we qualify to serve in any yachting event:

  • Experience of serving on previous yachts

  • The right training to meet the standards of a yacht dining.

  • An understanding of the safety and health of the yacht environment

  • Professionalism to serve the best foods for different kinds of event, ages, and food preferences


The right chef does not operate solo on the yacht. They will often use your existing crew or come with their own to facilitate the entire experience.

Any yacht longer than 100 meters needs a crew to keep the equipment clean. The crew chef keeps the entire team motivated while staying up to date with all changing diets. We offer the right diet preference because Chef Markus knows how to balance a busy schedule with the right mix of foods for the time of day.

The main job has the direct involvement of the chef. We have qualified subsidiaries to help the main chef and generally put in the effort to ensure a cohesive dining experience. It is a good idea to call us as you plan your yacht event or ride so that we can prepare the right recipes. Reach out on 708 421 6062 today to get immediate feedback.